Yoko Georgiou – Illustrator October 13, 2014

Here is an insight into the inspirations of our Production Assistant at Lydra Group, Yoko Georgiou. Yoko is a part time illustrator and her creative mind has lead her to produce amazing art for exhibitions and client projects. Great job Yoko. We love your work!


  1. What do you like most about illustrations?

I am not much of a talker, so for me illustration is really nice way to tell stories and express myself. But most of all, I just like the process, it’s a time for me to relax and be productive.


  1. Do you remember the first illustration you did as a child? 

Hmm, I can’t remember my first drawing, but I remember that I did lots of illustrations of a big bunny family…


  1. What is your inspiration for your artworks? 

My inspiration comes from my childhood memories most of the time. I grew up in a small village in Japan and there was always something strange and funny happening. Those things definitely show through in my illustrations.


  1. What method do you use to create your artworks? 

I like to use acrylic paint to paint on paper most of the time, but I’m also into other mediums, like Origami, fabric, clay, wood… Pretty much anything, I love craft.


  1. Who inspires you.. 

People around me, and my children.



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