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Top 10 Random Wedding Proposal Ideas! December 1, 2013

Thinking of a way to propose? take a look at these unique ways to say ‘I do’


1. An underwater treasure hunt!- howheasked.com

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2. A short film about your romance- howheasked.com

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3. Propose to her during the David Letterman Show! contact the producers first- since1910.com

4. Write an advertisement in your local newspaper- since1910.com

5. Call a singing group and ask them to come to her door and sing ‘will you marry me?’- since1910.com

6. Have a proposal advertisement displayed in the ads before a movie plays at your local cinema- since1910.com

7. Rent a Knight in Shining Armour costume and a horse from your local stables- diamondhelpers.com

8. Play trivia together and instead of showing her the card, read out the contents to her which will be ‘will you marry me?’- weddings.about.com

9. Purchase half a dozen cupcakes, and place your engagement ring on the top- since1910.com

10. Make a puzzle, it will leave her guessing!- voices.yahoo.com



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