Tiny artists- bring kids drawings to life September 20, 2014

Kids have limitless imaginations, and they often show this in the magical fantasy worlds they create through words and drawings. Sadly, these times of whimsy and creativity tend to be grown out of- but that doesn’t mean they can’t leave mementos behind!

We’ve come up with a couple of clever ideas that you can use to immortalise your tiny Picasso’s abstract creations:

1: Leggings from Create Your Own Leggings- Why stick to boring black when you can have dragons saving princesses up and down your thighs?


2: A colourful personalised scarf from Digital Fabric Printer! It’s easy- just order a square of fabric covered in the drawings of your offspring, and you have an instant accessory! Also an awesome christmas present for Nan’s and Nonna’s, and cool Aunties too!


3: Laser cut keychain characters from Melbourne Laser Cutter! Honestly, these could also be pendants, bracelet charms, wall hangings- anything!

laser cut

4: Interior decoration- Get creative! Cushion covers, duvet covers, anything else your clever mind can come up with!

Just shoot us an email and we will help you bring your ideas to life

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