Custom Printed T-shirts October 7, 2014

Check out these digitally printed t-shirts we recently made for the Teachers Games. We can print any print or design onto fabric and create personalised merchandise for any old event! Enquire now

Printed T-shirts September 18, 2014

We recently printed these photographs by Australian photographer Jacob McFadden onto t-shirts. The final products were then given away as gifts. If you have any of your own photographs or artworks you would like to print onto fabric contact us to brainstorm and bring to life your creative ideas.  

DIY – Printed Pockets September 9, 2014

We came across this awesome and clever way to spruce up your plain old t-shirts and shirts from Style Haul. Why not brighten your day and add a coloured pocket onto the front. Use a small printed square of your favourite fabric and follow the easy steps in this video for a rainy day DIY project.

Ryan Imlach – Official T-shirt merchandise – X-factor July 13, 2014

Very excited to see our friend debut on X-factor tonight. What a fantastic show. Incase you missed the episode, check it out below. Available sizes are Womens slim fit- XS, S, M, L and mens- S, M, L, XL. With more exciting news we are making the Official merchandise for Ryan Imlach. He is an outstanding singer, fantastic guy and we can’t wait to follow him on his journey on X-factor and beyond! For all enquiries for T-shirts and other…

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