Rianna Phillips Textile Designer September 19, 2014

Aged 25, textile surface designer Rianna Phillips is on a mission to bring manufacturing back to the U.K. Each piece is lovingly hand crafted in her home country England, Manchester. We love the way she incorporates digital prints infused with soft pastels and prints to her designs. Here are some of Rianna’s fabulous creations.  

Printed T-shirts September 18, 2014

We recently printed these photographs by Australian photographer Jacob McFadden onto t-shirts. The final products were then given away as gifts. If you have any of your own photographs or artworks you would like to print onto fabric contact us to brainstorm and bring to life your creative ideas.  

Fashion Designer – Alba Prat September 16, 2014

We recently came across Berlin-based fashion student Alba Prat, and found her use of laser cut neoprene fabric intriguing. She has created the neoprene collection with the material traditionally used to make wetsuits and heavy duty swimwear. Check out her designs here.   Photography: José Morraja Hair & make up: Tatjana Kuehr – Photos from Pleat Farm

Fashion Research and Inspiration September 10, 2014

We put together this collage of digitally printed fashion to inspire you all. We have included a number of designers with images from our blog posts and photos on Pinterest. Enjoy!

Colourful pencils, art and tools! August 18, 2014

What do you use for your favourite tools and utensils when making art and textiles? Below are some tools that the RMIT students from Bricolage used for creating their final art pieces.  What does your workspace look like?

Profile: Harvest Textiles- Fun, funky and something different! August 10, 2014

Harvest Textiles is a team of women who share a passion for quality handmade textiles, the joy of learning, community and sustainability. There are two facets of their business: – Screen printing / workshops- They offer an extraordinary amount of workshops, seminars and events at their Brunswick location. – Their label- Which is Harvest textiles and they make clothing, homewares, accessories, yardage and DIY contemporary kits. Below are some examples of their beautiful work and designs.

Designer Profile: Funky Wombat Textiles August 9, 2014

We stumbled upon this lovely Melbourne business, Funky Wombat Textiles recently and couldn’t wait to share their  beautiful designs. The designer behind the prints is Tamara Schneider, surface pattern and textile designer. Each design, print and product is oozing originality and style!

African tribal textiles August 9, 2014

We love what these guys do! Tribal textiles is a mix of traditional African art with contemporary designs, drawing inspiration from the stunning Zambian wildlife and surroundings. Each piece is drawn and painted by local Zambian men and women in a rich palette of hand-mixed colours, providing jobs in an area where employment is scarce. Their objective: to create unforgettable and exquisite textiles whilst working in harmony with nature and benefitting the local community. It’s so inspiring to see that they began in…

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