Laser Cut Balloons by Stephanie Mangos July 18, 2014

Canberra resident Stephanie Mangos creates abstract laser cut designs from Hoop Pine Plywood, focusing on geometric shapes- it almost takes you back to primary school days of tessellating tiles. She uses etching for contrast in some of her designs, and for the addition of her signature, but her more simple creations such as her buttons have their shape as the focus. Stephanie is primarily a sculptural artists and student at the Australian National University, but this venture into digital laser…

Romance Was Born- Australian Fashion label February 23, 2013

One of our favourite local fashion labels doing digital printing with style is Romance was born. Below is their Mushroom Magic collection from 2013, creating an unreal world that makes you feel truly absorbed into a sense of freedom. We love their use of beautiful pastels and soft tones.

info@lydra.com.au | 03 9939 4796 | Abbotsford, Melbourne

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