Design Your Own Cushions October 12, 2014

Boy are we excited to get our new website Design Your Own Cushions up and running! It has always been our mission to help bring everyones creative ideas to life through creative services and what better way to express art than through fabric printing onto cushions. Here is a sample cushion we recently made in the studio where we printed a photograph and quote onto fabric which was then made into plush cushions. Complete our enquiry form today to start bringing…

Design Your Own Cushions October 6, 2014

Check out these personalised cushions we recently made for client Peta from The Murcutt Collective. We digitally printed these photographs by Jamie at Murcutt Photography onto fabric, which was then made into plush cushions. They’re a great way to personalise any living area or office! Create your own designs here: Design Your Own Cushions.  

Photography Fabric Prints October 2, 2014

We recently printed these stunning ballerina photographs onto fabric for Isabella Cane for her university project. Printing onto fabric looks awesome and is a really unique way to display art and photography! Enquire now       

Printed Cushions September 28, 2014

Do you love your pets as if they are a special part of your family? Why not create something unique with fabric printing and print a photo of your pets onto cushions or household linen! Here is some printing we did for a client featuring her Bull! Enquire now

Digital Printed Material September 28, 2014

Fabric Printing your own prints and designs is a great way to create truly unique fashion! Check out this awesome design we recently printed for a client who is making a dress for herself with the material. Enquire here 

Digitally Printed Aprons September 21, 2014

We recently printed and assembled these printed aprons for use in our own studio. Apart from protecting your clothing and yourself from anything messy, personalised aprons are a great gift idea and useful for businesses, functions, weddings, chefs, or just for working around the home. We can print whatever pattern or design you like onto your aprons so get in touch and we’d love to brainstorm your creative ideas with you!

Rianna Phillips Textile Designer September 19, 2014

Aged 25, textile surface designer Rianna Phillips is on a mission to bring manufacturing back to the U.K. Each piece is lovingly hand crafted in her home country England, Manchester. We love the way she incorporates digital prints infused with soft pastels and prints to her designs. Here are some of Rianna’s fabulous creations.  

Oriental Prints for Zhou Zhou Bar September 18, 2014

We were lucky enough to work with the interior design team from Hecker Guthrie to create fabric printed oriental banners for the interior of Zhou Zhou Bar. Here are some close-ups of the prints straight from the digital printer.

Printed T-shirts September 18, 2014

We recently printed these photographs by Australian photographer Jacob McFadden onto t-shirts. The final products were then given away as gifts. If you have any of your own photographs or artworks you would like to print onto fabric contact us to brainstorm and bring to life your creative ideas.  

Fashion Designer Spotlight – Mary Katrantzou September 15, 2014

Mary Katrantzou is a Greek-born fashion designer currently living and working in London, and is well known in the fashion world for her exploration of bright patterned digital prints. The printed image is central to her design aesthetic. “Digital print allows me to experiment with print in a way that fine art and other methods could not. It opens up a huge spectrum for possibility; I can create possibility out of impossibility, surrealism out of realism and both vice versa.” . Check…

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