Laser Cut Fashion at MSFW October 8, 2014

We were thrilled to work with fashion designer Natalie Kieleithner to laser cut unique patterns into this outfit which hit the runway at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. Here’s what Natalie had to say about the design. “Your laser cutting services helped me create the perforations in the cape and jacket  (in the images below) through which I wove fringing.  It also created the more obvious, decorative effect of braille perforation in the wide leg pant.” Great creative vision Natalie. We love…

Photography Fabric Prints October 2, 2014

We recently printed these stunning ballerina photographs onto fabric for Isabella Cane for her university project. Printing onto fabric looks awesome and is a really unique way to display art and photography! Enquire now       

Laser Cut Fabric for Student Project October 1, 2014

Check out this intricate laser cutting on fabric we cut for a year 12 student project by Callum Croker from Wesley college. We love helping students bring to life their creative vision. How effective is this! Enquire here     

Fashion Designer – Haryono Setiadi September 5, 2014

Haryono Setiadi is a Sydney based designer creating modern and minimalist fashion garments. His sleek label is praised for its precise tailoring, innovative fabric treatments and daring inventiveness. Launched in 2011, Setiadi has already made a name for himself on the local fashion scene and prides himself on inspiration from surrounding Australian landscapes. His 2011 autumn/winter collection featured Australia’s first 3D printed garments. His high-tech prints are not only beautiful to the naked eye but also morph into a different  image once viewed through…

Fabric Printing – Zhou Zhou May 1, 2014

Zhou Zhou is a new oriental late night bar opened above Oriental Teahouse at 455 Chapel Street, South Yarra. If the extensive range of over 50 Asian beers and lagers isn’t enough to entice you, why not try a Japanese Bloody Mary with Sake instead of traditional Vodka and a hint of wasabi and chilli – Yum! We were lucky enough to work with interior design expert Hecker Guthrie to create fabric printed oriental banners for the interior of the bar. “Essentially we…

Designer Profile: We are handsome April 9, 2014

Woowweee! When someone says we are handsome it’s usually sign of arrogance but this label does it with style and the right amount of arrogance to pull it off. Their designs and outfits are stunning. With a beautiful collection of pastels, realistic graphics, natural scenes, angry lions and wild horses.

New Services June 27, 2013

We now offer two new printing services on-site. We offer dye sublimation printing onto polyester fabric. We can print up to 1615mm wide and then the print is heat transferred onto polyester fabrics of your choice. This process can be helpful in creating sportswear, fashion items, photography canvases, placement printing. Please read more at our Digital Fabric Printer website.

DIY screen printing onto cotton June 13, 2013

If you want to experiment and have a play with making your own fabrics from scratch. Check out this tutorial that is very insightful in taking you through step by step in what needs to be done.

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