Fashion Designer – Alba Prat September 16, 2014

We recently came across Berlin-based fashion student Alba Prat, and found her use of laser cut neoprene fabric intriguing. She has created the neoprene collection with the material traditionally used to make wetsuits and heavy duty swimwear. Check out her designs here.   Photography: José Morraja Hair & make up: Tatjana Kuehr – Photos from Pleat Farm

Fashion Designer – Haryono Setiadi September 5, 2014

Haryono Setiadi is a Sydney based designer creating modern and minimalist fashion garments. His sleek label is praised for its precise tailoring, innovative fabric treatments and daring inventiveness. Launched in 2011, Setiadi has already made a name for himself on the local fashion scene and prides himself on inspiration from surrounding Australian landscapes. His 2011 autumn/winter collection featured Australia’s first 3D printed garments. His high-tech prints are not only beautiful to the naked eye but also morph into a different  image once viewed through…

Digitally printed scarves- Phaulet September 1, 2014

Phaulet is a majestical brand that is inspired by stories from all places and times. Her work is a tribute to the old times, inspired by beauty and mystery, and every piece made by hand has much love and meaning.

Designer Profile: We are handsome April 9, 2014

Woowweee! When someone says we are handsome it’s usually sign of arrogance but this label does it with style and the right amount of arrogance to pull it off. Their designs and outfits are stunning. With a beautiful collection of pastels, realistic graphics, natural scenes, angry lions and wild horses.

Digitally printed 3D dresses August 5, 2013

Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen unveiled a black dress and intricately structured skirt and cape at Paris Fashion Week in January 2013. All three pieces were made possible by new 3D printing technology and an understanding of different types of fibres. This is her story.

Australian Indigenous Fashion Week July 27, 2013

Australian Indigenous Fashion Week (AIFW™) is a fresh and exciting new event that aims to showcase and support the design talents of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders from across Australia. AIFW is now recruiting for aspiring and emerging fashion designers to get involved for Australian Indigenous Fashion Week. The Design Program gives aspiring Indigenous artists and designers the chance to learn from and collaborate with established industry professionals. For more information please click here.

3D Printed lead light dresses July 3, 2013

The way of the future is 3D Printed lead light dresses. This out of this world dress is an example of what the future has to bring. The dress changes colour with the sound of music.

Basil Bangs- Digitally printed umbrellas June 29, 2013

I walked past a store on Johnston St, Collingwood recently and fell in love with these umbrellas by Basil Bangs. Basil Bangs is an Australian company born of a love for all things outdoors by two mates. Basil Bangs is described by the designers as what we love in life: laughing with friends and family, spending lazy summer days at the beach and beautiful design.  

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