Laser Cut Trophy August 26, 2013

Displayed is an image of one of our laser cut trophies. The text and message on the trophy is personalised and a symbol of your choosing is engraved onto the chosen material. This particular trophy was created using acrylic material.

Personalised Laser Cut Clock August 9, 2013

This is one of our personalised laser cut clock designs using bamboo as the choice of material. We are able to create pieces engraved with names and messages. This particular design was created for a close family member.

Digitally Printed Wooden Designs May 15, 2013

Using the digital fabric printer, digital printing onto wood is a new technique created by our business owner, Linda. We are open to accepting a wide range of prints and designs to be transferred onto the wood. We can digitally engrave names, initials and signs onto the material should you be interested. This digital wood print is coloured using pink, orange and grey. This is an example of a sign display we have created,  featuring the famous ‘Chateau Yering’. Another…

Laser Cut International Clock April 22, 2013

This is a special customised laser cut International Clock created for a recent client. The client designed and crafted the clock using special clock hands. The clock was created for his girlfriend who lives in London so she can read the local time and Australian time. It is made from natural carbonised 2.5 mm bamboo. Delicate patterned holes are cut with laser through the bamboo to help create visual effect. The simple and single clock hand also fits in with…

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