Photography Fabric Prints October 2, 2014

We recently printed these stunning ballerina photographs onto fabric for Isabella Cane for her university project. Printing onto fabric looks awesome and is a really unique way to display art and photography! Enquire now       

Crochet Scarf September 23, 2014

Crochet is the process of creating fabrics from yarn, thread or other material strands using crochet hooks. One of our employees Fiorina is in the process of making this beautiful scarf for her daughter. The process is very time consuming but the end product is something that can be passed down for generations to come!

Digitally Printed Aprons September 21, 2014

We recently printed and assembled these printed aprons for use in our own studio. Apart from protecting your clothing and yourself from anything messy, personalised aprons are a great gift idea and useful for businesses, functions, weddings, chefs, or just for working around the home. We can print whatever pattern or design you like onto your aprons so get in touch and we’d love to brainstorm your creative ideas with you!

Lydra Group – This is Our Story September 21, 2014

Digital Fabric Printer is part of a collective of services that we offer at Lydra Group. Our other creative ventures include Classic Wedding Invitations,  Design Your Own Leggings and Melbourne Laser Cutter. This is a short documentary on the Lydra Group and our vision for the future. Our vision is limitless creativity. We hope you will be inspired by our humble beginnings and we look forward to providing unique, hands-on services to our clients at Lydra Group.

Tiny artists- bring kids drawings to life September 20, 2014

Kids have limitless imaginations, and they often show this in the magical fantasy worlds they create through words and drawings. Sadly, these times of whimsy and creativity tend to be grown out of- but that doesn’t mean they can’t leave mementos behind! We’ve come up with a couple of clever ideas that you can use to immortalise your tiny Picasso’s abstract creations: 1: Leggings from Create Your Own Leggings- Why stick to boring black when you can have dragons saving…

Personalised Printed Bunting September 19, 2014

Buntings are a trend that are here to stay! Perfect for every party and event, these pretty little wall hangings are a nice decoration, able to be used indoors above the snack table or at an outdoor party hanging from the trees. Increasingly appearing at weddings and other milestone life events, Digital Fabric Printing are able to print customised triangles for standout bunting. Whether you want the strand to spell out the party person’s name, each triangle to have a…

Printed Wedding Cushions September 17, 2014

What better way to mark your new life chapter as newlyweds than decorating your home with memoirs of your bond as husband and wife? They are even a great wedding gift! Get in touch with us to design your personalised printed cushions. Here are a few wedding and couple themed fabric printed cushions we love: Digital Fabric Printer Etsy.com Not on the High Street How Divine  Not on the High Street  

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