Joining forces collaborative- Supergraph exhibition August 26, 2014

I went along to the Supergraph exhibition yesterday and saw an amazing array of works by various designers. It was inspiring to see all the different techniques, styles and crafts on demonstration. One particular team that really inspired me was Joining Forces. Joining Forces is a team of 6 quirky designers who work together to create pieces of artwork. They share an artwork around and each put their own spin on things until it’s a completed piece. Recently they were selected to have…

Our work at weddings February 7, 2014

We absolutely love seeing our creations at our customer’s weddings! It’s very special to have brides send in photos from their wedding day as we feel that we’ve taken a little part in them. Creating any one of our invitations, place cards or stationery is a collaboration between the wedding party and us and we try adjust everything to your needs and specifications. Here is one of our little tree place cards from a wedding this year. It fits in…

Alexander McQueen & Damien Hirst Scarf Collaboration March 4, 2013

Alexander McQueen, need we say more! McQueen knows how to rock digital printing like no other. This is in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the skull scarf, Alexander McQueen presents an exclusive collaboration with Damien Hirst. The iconic skull scarf has been a signature accessory of the house first seen in the 2003 Irere collection.

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