7 Autumn leaf crafts September 10, 2014

As the trees transform into warm oranges and reds, and the leaves begin to fall softly on the ground here are some fun ways to use nature to create something wonderful. 1. Leaf Mandalas from The Artful Parent 2. Autumn Maple Leaf Crown by Twig and Toadstool 3. Foliage Frames from Twig and Toadstool 4. Leaf Prints by Naturally Educational 5. Autumn Leaf Hedgehog by krokotak 6. Leaf Vase idea from Rose Pete and Lola too 7. Autumn Leaf animals from My Owl Barn

Joining forces collaborative- Supergraph exhibition August 26, 2014

I went along to the Supergraph exhibition yesterday and saw an amazing array of works by various designers. It was inspiring to see all the different techniques, styles and crafts on demonstration. One particular team that really inspired me was Joining Forces. Joining Forces is a team of 6 quirky designers who work together to create pieces of artwork. They share an artwork around and each put their own spin on things until it’s a completed piece. Recently they were selected to have…

Designer Profile: Jessica Eisenhauer- Textile Designer August 20, 2014

  Fun, quirky, different, bright, colourful, unique, bubbly, out of this world. Are all words that describe Jessica Eisenhauer textile work. We love it so much we’ve decided to feature a collection of her work every week for a month. Stay tuned… Dog in space- “Imagine the wild, blurring lights of a 90’s acid rave with fractal visuals that unfold in the realms of a futuristic cyber dimension.”

Colourful pencils, art and tools! August 18, 2014

What do you use for your favourite tools and utensils when making art and textiles? Below are some tools that the RMIT students from Bricolage used for creating their final art pieces.  What does your workspace look like?

African tribal textiles August 9, 2014

We love what these guys do! Tribal textiles is a mix of traditional African art with contemporary designs, drawing inspiration from the stunning Zambian wildlife and surroundings. Each piece is drawn and painted by local Zambian men and women in a rich palette of hand-mixed colours, providing jobs in an area where employment is scarce. Their objective: to create unforgettable and exquisite textiles whilst working in harmony with nature and benefitting the local community. It’s so inspiring to see that they began in…

Smiling Pebble and MLC July 14, 2014

MLC and Lydra Group love working with creative small businesses to create beautiful items. One success story is Smiling Pebble, a jewellery brand created by French Illustrator Amandine Thomas. Smiling Pebble’s current line is inspired by Japanese paper origami and is laser cut in our studio, mainly out of quality bamboo. Amandine digitally designed the products herself and they are all hand constructed and finished. She made full use of the etching capabilities of the machine for the detailed lines…

Designer – Kate Raudenbush July 6, 2014

Kate Raudenbush is a New York based designer, sculptor and photographer creating unique masterpieces aiming to elevate human connection. Her public work is featured in a number of outdoor locations around the world including her laser-cut sculpture ‘Braindrop’ created as a meditation space to honour water. This piece stands 17-foot tall, 10-foot wide and is made entirely from 10 gauge laser-cut steel. Weighing over 5000-pounds, the enormous water drop is illuminated by LEDs in the evening, which, when looking up…

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