RMIT Bricolage- Design gallery August 22, 2014

RMIT is known for creating great students and great works. These are some of the pieces from their exhibition in December 2013 at the No Vacancy gallery.


Image: ‘Ugly Beautiful’ by Janis Nah – Hand and double-bed machine knit, crochet, macrame
cotton lycra jersey, cotton, wool, nylon, cording, plastic bags

spec weave updated2

Image: ‘A Silent Scape’ by Alyssa Pyritz – Handwoven tunic with linen and cotton yarn,
lasercut wool felt

digital fabric printing

Image: ‘Natural Curves’ by Amanda Magnano – Shima industrial knit cushion covers – wool


  Image: ‘Atomic Anomaly’ by Ilce Karamacoski –  development swatches –
polyester, sublimation dyes, cotton, sequins glass beads, acetate metal rings


Image: Fruitlet collaboration by Laura Houlden for Australian Country Spinners – Pineapple sling bag

bree - catalogue image 3 (jumper)

Image: ‘Align’ –  by Bree Ellett – cacti jacquard knit jumper – wool yarn

Textile design

Image: ‘Siamo Contadini’ by Alana Costanzo, screen printed & hand painted silk length

Textile design

Image: Haptic Beginnings – porcelain lace by Bec Bardoel Photography by Kristoffer Paulsen


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