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Laser Cut Fluoro Acrylic August 29, 2013

These laser cut fluoro pieces were developed using acrylic material.

The client requested these laser cut pieces to become part of their advertising campaign for the Melbourne International Film Festival advertisement.

Laser cut fluoro pieces created using acrylic material. The client requested prints in orange, yellow and blue to complete their campaign.

The client has requested fluoro coloured laser cut acrylic pieces to create their advertisement for the Melbourne International Film Festival. The graphic design and colours create a modern, yet original touch.

These acrylic pieces are cut with precision using laser cutting techniques.

A side view of the laser cut acrylic fluoro pieces. Layers are easily created due to the transparent colouring and the delicacy of the pieces.

An image of the software of the laser cut acrylic design. Photoshop was used to assist in the creation of the design.


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