Fashion Designer – Haryono Setiadi September 5, 2014

Haryono Setiadi is a Sydney based designer creating modern and minimalist fashion garments. His sleek label is praised for its precise tailoring, innovative fabric treatments and daring inventiveness. Launched in 2011, Setiadi has already made a name for himself on the local fashion scene and prides himself on inspiration from surrounding Australian landscapes. His 2011 autumn/winter collection featured Australia’s first 3D printed garments. His high-tech prints are not only beautiful to the naked eye but also morph into a different  image once viewed through 3D glasses. Haryono created the abstract prints himself, using photo software and plenty of trial and error. The collection made him the winner at the 2011 Chambord Shine Awards, which celebrate emerging design talent in Australia.

Haryono Setiadi’s new S/S 2015 collection ‘ACTIVE’ was inspired by the rugged cliff formations of the eastern Australian coastline, paired with a palette derived from the Spanish modernist architecture.









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