Dylan Cooper Printed Designs September 11, 2014

Young Australian fashion designer Dylan Cooper is one talented man! After winning Project Runway in 2011, Dylan took the fashion world by storm with his tailored, print and coloursplash palette collection at the 2012 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Often expressing his personal style, Cooper prefers to explore digital print techniques created by himself to highlight his design aesthetic.

“The thing I like most about textile design and digital printing is the ability to develop every aspect of my designs- everything from the silhouette and the fabrication to the colours and the shapes with the prints used.
When developing my own print designs I love to play with colours and texture within the images and also draw inspiration from different objects I’ve seen or that relate to my inspiration used for a specific collection or design,” Cooper says. 

��Here are a few of his marvellous printed creations.
cooper dress

print jacket

cooper print

d cooper - prints

d cooper print


printed dress


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