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Digitally Printed Wooden Designs May 15, 2013

Using the digital fabric printer, digital printing onto wood is a new technique created by our business owner, Linda. We are open to accepting a wide range of prints and designs to be transferred onto the wood. We can digitally engrave names, initials and signs onto the material should you be interested.

This digital wood print is coloured using pink, orange and grey. This is an example of a sign display we have created,  featuring the famous ‘Chateau Yering’.

Another example of a sign print for the ‘Chateau Yering’. A muted and understated colour palette is chosen portraying a difference in taste and style.

The opposite side of the digital wood print. Words are not displayed on the back, however designs can be customised to accommodate that.

Here is another example from our Wedding Invitations range. The client has requested their invitations to be digitally printed on wood.


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