About us

Lydra Group is a Melbourne based company. We love to make things and work with clients in Australia and worldwide. Our services include:

Pins to Kill- is a customised online clothing website developing personalised garments, specialising in leggings. We encourage our customers to upload their own design, photo or artwork to create their own custom leggings, which they wear with pride and confidence.

Melbourne Laser Cutter- A professional service for designers, small businesses and individuals who want to add a cutting edge to their designs.

Classic Wedding Invitations-  creates unique and delicate wedding invitations and stationery. The designs are made using revolutionary laser cutting technology, insuring each invitation is produced with precision and beauty.

Digital Fabric Printer- Cushions, table clothes, wall banners, signage, sportswear, bathers, wedding signage, tea cosies, leggings, meterage fabric, whatever your little heart desires!

Design your own cushions- Supply an image, photograph or illustrations to create some very special decor in your house or a nice touch for an upcoming event you are hosting.



info@lydra.com.au | 03 9939 4796 | Abbotsford, Melbourne

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