Laser Cut Custom Wedding Sign February 28, 2014

These wedding signs were desgined by the client and we laser cut them for Stuart Harper. He then painted them and turn it into chalkboard. We love the bright colours and the design is fantastic!  

Engraving for product boxes- XO Rooftop Quality apparel Est- MMX11. February 25, 2014

We recently did some laser cutting for XO fashion apparel for their visual merchandising. They provided us with some beautiful handmade boxes and we engraved their logo on the sides and base. Have a look below. The boxes were varnished to bring out the lovely grain on the woods. You can see the labels range here or follow them on Facebook also.

Walkway by Alexander McKenzie February 20, 2014

Alexander has kindly shared with us a few pictures of the architecture model that we’ve laser-cut. Titled “Walkway,” Alexander’s project features ripples resembling the vast desert sand. The black and white imagery further enhances the shadow and contrast of the project. With our in-house laser-cutting machine, we are able to materialise your creative vision and create architecture models that you are able to behold and present to your clients/ lecturers. For more information, please contact info@melbournelasercutter.com.au

New Custom Design Invitation February 20, 2014

Marillina and Rob approached us with a strong vision of how they would like to announce the celebration of their engagement with friends and family. Inspired by the everlasting song, “You Are My Sunshine,” we created this fresh and unique custom invitation for the lovebirds, based on our Landscape series. Lovely sunflower motif and bright rays of sunshine were laser-cut on the invitation, making it a bright and cheery creation. To order your own invitation, please email us at info@melbournelasercutter.com.au….

New Designs – Cupcake Toppers February 19, 2014

Cute and delicious, cupcakes make for the perfect mouthful. It is also becoming an increasingly popular choice as wedding cake, as opposed to the traditional tiered cakes. With a unique cupcake topper, you can establish the theme of your wedding/event and add some romance to the air. Here are some of the cupcake toppers we helped to design and laser cut for Ashleigh at AM Cupcake Toppers (Click on image to enlarge). Are you a designer? We would love to hear from…

Creating A Unique Housewarming Gift February 19, 2014

Here is a welcome door mat we engraved for a client recently, designed to resemble a soccer field. A customised welcome mat makes for a unique housewarming gift with a personal touch. If you have an idea, our production and in-house design team and work with you to make your gift extra special! For more information, please contact info@melbournelasercutter.com.au.  

Laser Cut Design for Papa vs. Pretty February 15, 2014

We are so excited to share with you that the necklace that we recently laser-cut for Australian band, Papa vs. Pretty, is featured in their latest music video, “My Life is Yours”. Based on the cover artwork of their latest album of the same name, the pendant is a poignant point in the music video’s narrative. Check out “My Life is Yours” here. If you have an idea that you want to bring to life, click here to submit your…

Cosmopolitan Bride Feature February 12, 2014

Our French Landscape and Red Poppies Wedding Invitations were featured in the Winter issue of Cosmopolitan Bride. This is Classic Wedding Invitations first magazine feature, which is very exciting. The two invitations are featured in “Get the Look” for the “French Fancy” and “Tropical Rose” themes. We hope this is the first of many future features!

New Design – Custom Table Decoration February 10, 2014

Here are some photos featuring the trees we laser-cut as table decoration for a confirmation. Thanks to the precision that laser-cut technology offers, we were able to create the leaves and even presented the decoration with a 3D-like quality to them. The table decoration adds a rustic touch and charm to the table setting. We can help you create a custom table decoration, or if would like to submit your project, please click here.  

Our work at weddings February 7, 2014

We absolutely love seeing our creations at our customer’s weddings! It’s very special to have brides send in photos from their wedding day as we feel that we’ve taken a little part in them. Creating any one of our invitations, place cards or stationery is a collaboration between the wedding party and us and we try adjust everything to your needs and specifications. Here is one of our little tree place cards from a wedding this year. It fits in…

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