Laser Cut Wedding Thank You Cards August 31, 2013

This is a range of laser cut thank you cards designed for a client who we initially created place cards for. We chose a photograph from their wedding and then printed text on top. They were all printed and prepared in house. Contact us for your own range of thank you cards for your wedding. The laser creates a polished and neat finish, creating a professional edge to your wedding cards.

Laser Cut Fluoro Acrylic August 29, 2013

These laser cut fluoro pieces were developed using acrylic material. The client requested these laser cut pieces to become part of their advertising campaign for the Melbourne International Film Festival advertisement. Laser cut fluoro pieces created using acrylic material. The client requested prints in orange, yellow and blue to complete their campaign. The client has requested fluoro coloured laser cut acrylic pieces to create their advertisement for the Melbourne International Film Festival. The graphic design and colours create a modern, yet original…

Laser Cut Trophy August 26, 2013

Displayed is an image of one of our laser cut trophies. The text and message on the trophy is personalised and a symbol of your choosing is engraved onto the chosen material. This particular trophy was created using acrylic material.

Personalised Laser Cut Clock August 9, 2013

This is one of our personalised laser cut clock designs using bamboo as the choice of material. We are able to create pieces engraved with names and messages. This particular design was created for a close family member.

Laser Cut Trifold Wedding Invitation August 8, 2013

This is a moroccan themed laser cut trifold wedding invitation using our newly installed laser cutting machine. The client requested navy blue invitations which is a popular shade amongst wedded couples. This navy trifold design contains an intricate moroccan patterned opening, then a wide space inside for personalised details and wedding information. The moroccan trifold design is being created using our new laser cutting machine. The patterns are cut with 100% precision and accuracy.

Digitally printed 3D dresses August 5, 2013

Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen unveiled a black dress and intricately structured skirt and cape at Paris Fashion Week in January 2013. All three pieces were made possible by new 3D printing technology and an understanding of different types of fibres. This is her story.

Digitally Printed Apron August 2, 2013

Here is one of our latest apron designs created using our Digital Fabric Printer. The design was created through Photoshop and follows a graphic and colourful theme. Our aprons are ideal for an artistic or cafe style setting due to their originality and creativity.

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