Digitally Printed Army Bags July 28, 2013

Below are some images of a special client of ours who we worked with recently. She wanted to produce army laundry bags to assist our brave soldiers overseas currently fighting in the Middle East. We helped create her designs by using our Digital Fabric Printer. For more information, please visit her blog site. The client wanted to emphasise the use of bright colours to help inspire and cheer up our soldiers. Here are some examples of the many designs the client…

Australian Indigenous Fashion Week July 27, 2013

Australian Indigenous Fashion Week (AIFW™) is a fresh and exciting new event that aims to showcase and support the design talents of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders from across Australia. AIFW is now recruiting for aspiring and emerging fashion designers to get involved for Australian Indigenous Fashion Week. The Design Program gives aspiring Indigenous artists and designers the chance to learn from and collaborate with established industry professionals. For more information please click here.

Custom Wedding Invitation July 24, 2013

Below are some examples of a custom wedding invitation we did for a client for classicweddinginvitations.com.au . They came to us with their own design and this is the result.        

Laser Cut Photography Props July 20, 2013

The best part of our job is the random laser cutting jobs that we get. We recently worked with BLVD on some props for their photography booths. We had a little fun in studio testing these out too! Check out there work at blvdinc.com.au or facebook.com/blvdmedia

Fashion Exposed Exhibition July 7, 2013

Fashion exposed is coming up this month. If you are a retailer, student or connected to the textile industry, it’s a great exhibition to take a look at. More information available here. There are also plenty of seminars you can go to such as How social media is evolving retail, The changing fashion market and Exposing 2015 trends are our top picks. More information and bookings on the seminars are here. 

3D Printed lead light dresses July 3, 2013

The way of the future is 3D Printed lead light dresses. This out of this world dress is an example of what the future has to bring. The dress changes colour with the sound of music.

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