Laser Cut Business Cards March 30, 2013

We recently had our design team make some business cards for our business, Classic Wedding Invitations. This was the result. A simple and breathtaking design. Please get in touch if you would like some business cards design for yourself.  

Brand New Stylish Pins by Lydra March 26, 2013

Here are some examples of our Pins By Lydra fashion range, all made from dye sublimation printing at the Creative Hub that we are a part of. Using works from local Australian artists.        

Ink and Spindle- Screen printing March 23, 2013

Ink and Spindle are a locally based screen printing business who have a strong focus on Australian nature and beautiful detailed prints. Their motto is hand printed designs on ethically sourced fabrics. With a big inspiration being Australia native flora and fauna and the manmade urban environment of Melbourne.

Custom Laser Cut Acrylic Placemats March 23, 2013

Recently it was my brothers 30th birthday and I thought it might be a nice to use his initials in a laser cut placemat design. I built the box which was probably the hardest part of the project as I had to glue certain sections and clamp them down at the right angles. This is the finished result.    

Personalised Laser Cut Door Signs March 20, 2013

Sometimes people find it hard to find our studio, so we have made some signage on our laser cutter. Custom signage is a great way for clients to find you and looks professional too! Premium laser cut door signage is available for businesses of all kinds. These personalised signs stand to be unique, modern, professional & are very creative.

Stoneman underwear- Digitally printed March 16, 2013

Stoneman is a unique and fun brand that has incorporated Marc Debnam love for photography into an everyday product that people can enjoy in a playful way. Something a bit fun and cheeky! Check out their range here. 

Endless Opportunities and Designs with Laser Cut Fabric March 16, 2013

The creative hub provides people with opportunities to design and create their very own personalised ideas. Laser cutting fabric offers many design outcomes. This is an example of work from a clients range of t-shirts. We can laser cut on all different types of fabrics and we just recommend testing certain lighter fabrics, prior to going to production.

Laser Cut Architecture Model -Laser Cutting for University students March 12, 2013

We often work with university students for laser cutting. Here is a piece that we did for an architecture student for their upcoming project. We have worked with students from Melbourne University, RMIT, Monash and Deakin University. The creative hub provides many opportunities for students designs to come to life through the laser cutter, allowing students to be personal, creative & unique.

Laser Cut Plywood Wall Feature March 9, 2013

Sometimes laser cutting creates nice surprises! This is just scrap materials from a clients job and it made for a very nice wall feature. Laser cutting tip: It’s important to think about your wastage and how you can use it for another project or to your advantage.  Even scrap material can be beautiful, useful, effective & special.

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